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2 March 2021
In conversation with the author of 'Tibet Brief 20/20', Michael van Walt van Praag

TTE #11: Break the silence: Tibet was never part of China

According to the Chinese government, Tibet has always been part of China. According to Michael van Walt, this claim has no legal basis:

“China has occupied Tibet against the will of the Tibetan people for nearly three generations now. Its sovereignty claim to Tibet has no legal basis and rests solely on a self-serving historical narrative. This narrative is Sino-centric, part inaccurate and part misleading. But it is so persistently and forcefully pushed by Beijing, that the world has gradually bought into it and today largely treats Tibet as China’s internal affair, beyond its purview. ”

Tibet Talks Europe #11: Break the silence: Tibet was never part of China

In this Tibet Talk, we will explore the implications of this new research for China as well as other states with the author of Tibet Brief 20/20 and discuss how this research helps to achieve a negotiated solution for the Sino-Tibetan conflict.

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