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Wednesday, December 1st, 2021
15:00 h (CET)

On 1 January 2022, France will take over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

What actions and initiatives could it put on the table to try and advance human rights in China and Tibet? And which European partners who could be involved ? In order to answers to these questions, Michael van Walt van Praag, professor of international law and author of Tibet Brief 20/20, will share his recommendations with French parliamentarians and French Members of the European Parliament.

Guest Speakers:

▪ Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, French Senator and Chair of the Tibet Information Group
▪ Raphaël Glucksmann, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Subcommittee
▪ Michael van Walt van Praag, Professor of international law


  • Vincent Metten, ICT’s EU Policy Director.

This episode will be in French and will be live-streamed on the Facebook page of International Campaign for Tibet Brussels. The recording will also be available on savetibet.nl afterwards.

Watch previous Tibet Talks Europe

Tibet Talks Europe #14 Visiting Tibet: Conservation with Christelle Genoud

23 November

*Video will follow soon

In the last years, travelling to Tibet as a journalist, a diplomat or even as a foreign tourist has been a challenge. Christelle Genoud has recently visited Tibetan areas in Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu and Yunnan on various occasions as a diplomat and as a tourist, and closely kept abreast of the evolutions related to visiting the Tibetan Autonomous Region. She currently works as a Researcher at Kings College London, where she continues analysing the Chinese human rights narrative in Tibet as well as China’s development strategy in the region.

In this episode of Tibet Talks Europe, Christelle will discuss with ICT Europe’s EU Policy Director Vincent Metten the dynamics at stake around visiting Tibet, her own experience travelling in the region, as well as current human rights issues.

  • Guest Speaker: Christelle Genoud, PhD, China Researcher at Kings College London
  • Moderator: Vincent Metten, ICT’s EU Policy Director.

Tibet Talks Europe #13 ICT Leadership Town Hall witrh ICT leaders

22 September 2021

A special ask-me-anything edition of Tibet Talks with Vincent Metten of ICT Europe, Kai Mueller, executive director of ICT Germany, and Bhuchung Tsering, interim president of ICT.

Donors were invited to bring your questions, like: What’s the situation in Tibet today? What are the US and European countries doing to help? What’s ICT working on? And, how can we support the Dalai Lama’s vision? You ask the questions—we’ll answer them.

Tibet Talks Europe #12 China's influence on Nepal and its impact on Tibetans Final

8 juli 2021 (This episode of Tibet Talks Europe is in French, with English subtitles)

Nepal has long been a refuge and a transit point for Tibetans fleeing the Chinese repression. But in the last few years, the growing Chinese influence on its Himalayan neighbour, and the increased cooperation between the two countries – including on matters related to national security – has increased the vulnerability of Tibetans living in the country, who lack legal status and face considerable restrictions of their rights and freedoms. What is the nature of the relationship between China and Nepal, and what are Beijing’s interests in this country? And what is the situation of Tibetans in Nepal?

To answer these questions, ICT’s EU Policy Director Vincent Metten discussed with French journalist Brice Pedroletti, who recently published an article on this issue.

This episode of Tibet Talks Europe is released (in French with English subtitles) on ICT Europe’s YouTube channel on 8 July on the occasion of the adoption of Nepal’s Universal Periodic report at the UN Human Rights Council.

Tibet Lobby Day 2021 - ICT Brussels

21 April 2021

Tibet Lobby Day 2021 – Exchange of views between Tibetans from Europe and Members of European Parliament.

At a virtual edition of the European Tibet Lobby Days co-organised by the International Campaign for Tibet and the European Parliament’s Tibet Interest Group on 19 April 2021, Tibetans from Europe urged Members of the European Parliament to come into action in support of the Tibetan people.


Tibet Talks Europe #11: Break the silence: Tibet was never part of China

2nd March 2021 (This 11th episode of Tibet Talks Europe is in English)

In conversation with the author of Tibet Brief 20/20, Michael van Walt van Praag

According to the Chinese government, Tibet has always been part of China. According to Michael van Walt, this claim has no legal basis.

“China has occupied Tibet against the will of the Tibetan people for nearly three generations now. Its sovereignty claim to Tibet has no legal basis and rests solely on a self-serving historical narrative. This narrative is Sino-centric, part inaccurate and part misleading. But it is so persistently and forcefully pushed by Beijing, that the world has gradually bought into it and today largely treats Tibet as China’s internal affair, beyond its purview. ”

Find out in this Tibet Talks Europe, what the implications of Michiel van Walt van Praag’s new research: Tibet Brief 20/20 are for China, and listen to the discussion on how this research helps to achieve a negotiated solution for the Sino-Tibetan conflict.

This episode of Tibet Talks Europe (TTE) was live on March 2nd, 5PM. Due to connection issues the video of speaker Michael van Walt van Praag stalled at some instances during the Tibet Talks video, however audio is uninterrupted during the entire conversation.


Tibet Talks Europe #10: In gesprek over China's heropvoedingskampen met Tibetanen, Oeigoeren en Amnesty International Nederland

10 December (Deze 10de uitzending van Tibet Talks Europe is in het Nederlands)

Tijdens de internationale dag van de mensenrechten, herdenken we de adoptie van de Universele Verklaring voor de Rechten van de Mens, in 1948. Ondanks deze verklaring worden mensenrechten dagelijks en op grote schaal geschonden in Tibet en Oost Turkestan. De Chinese overheid wil Oeigoeren en Tibetanen ‘heropvoeden’ tot Chinese modelburgers. De eigen cultuur of religie wordt gezien als een bedreiging voor de macht van de Chinese Communistische Partij.

In deze 10de episode van Tibet Talks Europe bespreken we de Chinese militaire heropvoedingskampen in Oost Turkestan en Tibet met: Alerk Ablikim, Oeigoer; Tsering Jampa, International Campaign for Tibet Europe; en Stijn Deklerck, Amnesty International Nederland. Deze Tibet Talks Europe wordt gemodereerd door Christa Meindersma, directeur advocacy & communicatie, International Campaign for Tibet Europe.


Tibet Talks Europe #9: ‘Harder to visit than North Korea’: The lack of access to Tibet for foreign journalists

9 December (This 9th episode of Tibet Talks is in English)

For years now, the People’s Republic of China has ranked as one of the worst countries for press freedom in the world, and Tibet – along with Xinjiang – is regarded as one of it’s “red zones”, regularly described by journalists as harder to visit than North Korea.

What obstacles and challenges do foreign journalists who try to visit Tibet and report about the situation there face? What is China trying to hide in Tibet, and what does the lack of independent reporting on the ground mean for accountability?

Find out in this episode of Tibet Talks Europe featuring Ursula Gauthier, Garrie van Pixteren and Brice Pedroletti, three European journalists who have or have tried to access to Tibet!


Tibet Talks Europe #8: Conversation avec la tibétologue Katia Buffetrille

15 octobre (This 8th episode of Tibet Talks is in French)

Dans ce premier épisode en français des Tibet Talks Europe, le Directeur des Affaires européennes d’ICT Vincent Metten interviewe la tibétologue Katia Buffetrille sur son nouveau livre ‘L’Âge d’or du Tibet’ et sur la situation actuelle préoccupante au Tibet en vue des politiques chinoises intensives d’oppression et d’assimilation.

English translation:

In this first episode of Tibet Talks Europe in French, Vincent Metten: director of European affairs of ICT Europe, interviews tibetologist Katia Buffetrille about her newly released book: ‘L’Âge d’or du Tibet’ (The golden age of Tibet) and the worrying current situation in Tibet in view of China’s intensive policies of oppression and assimilation.


Tibet Talks Europe #7: Implications of Minister Wang Yi's visit to Europe and the EU-China summit for Tibet

30 September (This 7th episode of Tibet Talks is in English)

How do MPs in the countries that Minister Wang Yi visited appreciate the visit? What does Minister Wang Yi’s visit and the EU-China summit mean for EU-China relations, and for effective diplomacy on Tibet?

This episode of Tibet Talks Europe explores these questions with Members of Parliament from France, The Netherlands, Norway and the European Parliament.

The interactive panel was moderated by Pim van Galen.


Tibet Talks Europe #6: Interview: The Sweet Requiem

25 september (This 6th episode of Tibet Talks is in English)

In this interview with Tenzing Sonam, ICT’s Christa Meindersma asks filmmaker Tenzing Sonam about the making of the film: The Sweet Requiem.

The Sweet Requiem tells the story of a young, exile Tibetan woman who unexpectedly sees a man from her past, long-suppressed memories of her traumatic escape across the Himalayas are reignited, and she is propelled on an obsessive search for reconciliation and closure.

What compelled Tenzing to write and direct this film, together with filmmaker Ritu Sarin? Why is it so important for Tibetans to tell this story?

Enjoy this Q&A with filmmaker Tenzing Sonam, and find out!


Tibet Talks Europe #5: Nederlandse parlementsleden dringen aan op ongehinderde toegang tot Tibet

15 juni (Deze 5de uitzending van Tibet Talks Europe is in het Nederlands)

Tijdens deze 5de editie van Tibet Talks Europe gaat Pim van Galen in gesprek met @MartijnvanHelvert (CDA) over het belang van toegang tot Tibet, en hoe dit leeft in #Europa na de eerste sancties tegen China in de VS. Van Helvert wil met een kleine groep Europese landen sancties treffen tegen Chinese officials die toegang tot Tibet direct tegenwerken.


Tibet Talks Europe #4: Viering 85 jaar Dalai Lama!

6 July (Deze 4de uitzending van Tibet Talks Europe is in het Nederlands)

ICT Europe organiseerde op 6 juli 2020, samen met de Tibetaanse gemeenschap in Nederland en de Tibet Support Groep (TSG), een feestelijke bijeenkomst voor alle vrienden van Tibet en donateurs van ICT!

Tijdens de viering gingen wij in gesprek met Erica Terpstra en Michiel van Walt van Praag, hoorden wij de prachtige muziek van Namgyal Lhamo, en kregen we een speciaal optreden van Tibetaanse kinderen in Nederland.


Tibet Talks Europe #3: Live panel on EU-China relations and Tibet: How much space for human rights during the German EU-presidency?

30 June (This 3rd episode of Tibet Talks is in English)

From 1 July 2020 on, Germany will hold the EU Presidency for the following six months. What should Berlin and the EU aim to achieve in terms of the situation in Tibet? How should a more assertive, united and ambitious EU policy look like?


Tibet Talks Europe #2: Rondetafelgesprek over het Nederlandse Tibetbeleid

22 Juni (Deze 2de uitzending van Tibet Talks Europe is in het Nederlands)

Op de dag de Tweede Kamer debatteert over het Nederlandse China-beleid, ging Pim van Galen in gesprek met parlementsleden Martijn van Helvert (CDA), Bram van Ojik (GroenLinks), en Christa Meindersma (ICT-Europe) over de gevolgen van de Nederlandse China-strategie voor Tibet.


Tibet Talks Europe #1: China’s place in the post COVID-19 world and its consequences for Tibet

16 June (This 1st episode of Tibet Talks is in English)

This panel explored the contours of a post-Corona Tibet and its implications for meaningful engagement of European countries with China over Tibet.


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