International Campaign for Tibet Europe has started a new initiative: ‘Tibet Talks Europe’,

an online series on Tibet with politicians, academics, activists and other experts!

Upcoming Tibet Talks:

Tibet Talks #3: Tuesday 30 June:

Live panel on EU-China relations and Tibet: How much space for human rights during the German EU-presidency?

From 1 july on, Germany will hold the EU Presidency for the following six months. What should Berlin and the EU aim to achieve in terms of the situation in Tibet? How should a more assertive, united and ambitious EU policy look like? The participants will discuss these issues from European and German perspectives. ICT will present its five points of action on Tibet which have been submitted to the German government.

Date: Tuesday 30 June

Time:  15:00 (Central European Timezone)

Location: The livestream will be broadcasted here (savetibet.nl/live), and on the ICT Germany Facebook page.


Geplaatst door ICT Europe op dinsdag 30 juni 2020


If you are having technical difficulties, please watch the livestream on Facebook directly.


  • Tibet Talks #2: 22 Juni

    Rondetafelgesprek over het Nederlandse Tibetbeleid

    Op de dag de Tweede Kamer debatteert over het
    Nederlandse China-beleid, ging Pim van Galen in gesprek met parlementsleden Martijn van Helvert (CDA), Bram van Ojik (GroenLinks), en Christa Meindersma (ICT-Europe) over de gevolgen van de Nederlandse China-strategie voor Tibet.

  • Tibet Talks Europe #1: 16 June

    China’s place in the post COVID-19 world and its consequences for Tibet

    This panel explored the contours of a post-Corona Tibet and its implications for meaningful engagement of European countries with China over Tibet.

  • More Tibet Talks Europe episodes will be posted soon!

Ask questions on ICT’s Facebook page during the events or email your questions:  ICTEUROPE@SAVETIBET.NL