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ICT Europe Earthquake Relief Fund for Nepal

This spring, Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake, in which more than 8,500 people died. Besides the immense personal suffering, there was enormous material damage as well.

Similar to the ICT 2010 Yushu Relief Fund for the earthquake in Tibet, ICT decided to launch a special Earthquake Relief Fund for the victims in Nepal. This decision resounded very well with the many reactions from ICT donors and other concerned people, who approached ICT asking for ways to help. The positive reactions to our initiative were truly heartening.

Over € 23,000 in donations has been received in little over a month and ICT complemented the donated amount to 25,000 euros. We have divided the entire revenue of the Earthquake Relief Fund into equal parts of 5,000 euro and was donated to 5 local organizations, that provide direct aid to victims of the Earthquake, both Tibetans and Nepalese.

These organizations were selected based on their track record of implementing aid projects benefitting Tibetans in Nepal before the earthquake. In this report are overviews of the reports ICT has received from the beneficiaries.

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