Reach Out For Tibet

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Tibetan Alphabet-blocks Project

Playful educational sets of colored wooden cubes with Tibetan alphabet & images for young children in Nepal and India

  • Increased number of high-quality Tibetan play-based learning materials;
  • Tibetan and Himalayan baby day-care centers, kindergartens, and primary schools have increased access to culturally-relevant play-based learning resources;
  • … The production ánd distribution of a complete set of blocks can be realized with your support !

ICT Europe commits to preserving Tibetan culture

The Chinese regime tries to destroy the unique Tibetan culture and all its rich traditions based on compassion and non-violence, by systematically suppressing our language and culture.

  • Tibetan writers and activists who stand up for Tibetan culture and language are taken from their homes, tortured, and disappear into prisons.
  • Tibetan children in Tibet barely learn their mother tongue in school, if at all, and are therefore alienated from their own families and society.
  • Children in Tibet are taught that their traditions and beliefs are stupid. Instead, they are imposed communist values …

Scope of the project

With your donation, we support the production and distribution of 1,000 sets of high quality Tibetan wooden alphabet blocks to benefit more than 7,000 Tibetan and Himalayan children aged 0-8 years in India and Nepal.

  • Production costs are fully covered by the project;
  • Blocks are handmade in India. Per set the costs are €50;
  • We distribute the sets to elementary school in India and Nepal

It is precisely by learning the Tibetan language that young Tibetans gain the confidence that the world they cherish will continue to exist. Whether they grow up in exile – like so many Tibetans worldwide – or in Tibet itself. Support Tibetan children with a gift today !